Laura Kate Makeup Artist and Semi Permanent Makeup Technician



LAURA KATE is a professional MAKEUP ARTIST, MICROBLADING and POWDER BROWS expert with her own home salon based in Barons Court, Fulham.  She specialises in naturally perfecting your face and brows.

Makeup Artist at work

Destined to be a MAKEUP ARTIST

LAURA KATE fell in love with makeup at a young age and her keen talent for art and detailed pencil drawings developed throughout school.

Deciding to combine her artistic talents and passion for beauty and perfection, Laura set out to get the best training.  She excelled at the prestigious London College of Fashion and completed a Diploma in Theatrical and Media Makeup, achieving a 2.1 Degree in Fashion Hair and Makeup.

Beautiful makeup application.

UK Lead MAKEUP ARTIST for Tom Ford at Harrods

LAURA KATE took her commitment to training in specialist areas seriously, and has always sought out the best quality programmes to learn these skills.


As a makeup specialist, she has 13 years professional experience, previously working as Tom Ford's first UK Lead Makeup Artist at Harrods.

LAURA KATE was continuously invited to do the makeup at the Tom Ford Fashion events for their VIP clients.

LAURA KATE particularly enjoys making up brides-to-be, as making someone look and feel beautiful on their special day is quite a privilege.

Permanent Eyebrows with expert Microblading

Advanced MICROBLADING Training at PhiBrows

MICROBLADING is a hugely technical skill, so LAURA KATE sought the leading MICROBLADING specialists on Harley Street and received expert training by completing the Innate Advanced Course by PhiBrows.

As LAURA KATE is a very talented MAKEUP ARTIST, it makes her MICROBLADING skills impeccable and her work is perfection.

Take a look at her MICROBLADING Client Portfolio work.

Rosie Fortesque's beautifully made up

Celebrity Makeup Clients

LAURA KATE's expertise led to many recommendations, one of which was to became Rosie Fortescue's MAKEUP ARTIST for 2 years.  In doing so, she did all her makeup for Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea show and for Rosie’s jewellery business campaigns. 


Naturally, many other TV personalities have followed. 

Take a look a LAURA KATE's Client Makeup Portfolio work.

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Preparation for Microblading
Laura Kate Makeup Artist, Microblading and Powder Brow Specialist
Laura Kate making up a bride and having great fun