Microblading expert in Fulham.


Expert MICROBLADING technician based in Fulham, London.

LAURA KATE was trained by the best in the business - PhiBrows and at Harley Street.  With 13 years of make up experience, you can be assured that you are in the most talented, skilled and safe hands.

Microblading for defining and sculpting faces.

Microblading enhances and changes your face

Eyebrows are so important as they define and shape faces.

Three years ago, LAURA KATE realised how effective MICROBLADING was in enhancing faces in a natural looking way. The combination of her extensive makeup expertise and MICROBLADING technical skills, results in perfect eyebrows.


Clients are delighted when they see their fuller, neater and more shaped brows.


LAURA KATE is so pleased to be able to make such a difference to her clients' appearance confidence.

Microblading creates natural fine strokes for neater brows

Natural fine feathery strokes to mirror natural brows

MICROBLADING is a specialised form of semi-permanent tattooing where pigment is placed underneath the surface of the skin in fine feathery individual strokes to mirror natural hair. 


The MICROBLADING strokes completely blend in to give a much fuller and neater effect to the brow.


MICROBLADING giving structure and lift

MICROBLADING effect gives structure and lift to the face, and makes a huge difference to the clients appearance and confidence.

MICROBLADING requires precision, care and talent

Most people don’t realise what an exact art MICROBLADING is. 

Take a look at this video and see LAURA KATE's precision and care in action. 


Please also look at the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Filming credit to Enes Visuals.  The video was made before Covid.

Take a look at some of LAURA KATE's MICROBLADING work and excellent client testimonials.

Microblading - FAQs

Does microblading hurt?

During the appointment you may feel a scratching sensation and you may feel stinging from the dye and anaesthetic gel being applied, but after this it is virtually pain free. It is likened to the pain of waxing or plucking your brows - very tolerable considering the result.

What brow options are there and what will suit me
During the consultation we will discuss how you would like your brows to look and I will draw them on for you to see how they look and make sure you're totally happy before we start. My main aim is to enhance your natural brow shape, and in most cases give the brow more thickness, arch and density, to the give the most natural and best result.


How long will the microblading last?

Microblading can take years to completely exit the skin. Top ups are recommended every 1-2 years if the skin is normal to dry. If you have oily skin then it is recommended to have a top up appointment roughly every 12 months. The longevity of the microblading is different from client to client depending on skin type, skin care, sun exposure, oil in the skin, aftercare etc. The microblading must be around 40%-50% faded before having a top up.

How long is the procedure?

The initial microblading appointment will last 2 hours, the retouch appointment lasts a maximum of 1 hours. 

What is the microblading pre care?

The day before and day of treatment:

  • Don't take any pain killers

  • Don't drink alcohol or caffeine 

  • Avoid the sun for 4 days prior to treatment

  • Make sure you don't have fake tan or sun burn on treatment area

  • No botox for 4 weeks prior to treatment

  • Do not dye your brows for 4 weeks prior

  • Do not have facials or LED treatments for 4 weeks prior

What is the microblading after care?

For 14 days:

  • No gym, saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools

  • Keep the brows out of direct sunlight

  • Dab a thin layer of ointment on the brows three times a day

  • Do not pick or scratch the scabs

  • Do not to get the brows wet

Who cannot have microblading?

You cannot have microblading if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Have any infection blood disease e.g: HIV or Hepatitis A, B or C

  • Are haemophiliac

  • Are prone to keloid scaring or hyper pigmentation 

  • Are five weeks pre or post radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment 

  • Are epileptic and have experienced a seizure in the last two years

  • Are taking Warfarin or any other blood thinning medication

  • Are taking Antabuse or Roaccutane within 6 months of treatment date 

  • Have a cold sore, fever blister or skin disorder on the area to be treated 

  • Have previously tattooed/heavily microbladed eyebrows

  • Are under the age of 18

Can crisp microblading strokes be guaranteed?

This cannot be guaranteed as this is due to a client's skin type, how strictly the aftercare is followed and the oil content of the skin.

What will my microblading look like over time?

As microblading is semi permanent you will notice over time the microblading will gradually lighten and fade, you will also notice the strokes looking softer and less crisp, this is normal as the pigment is pushed out of the skin. It is very important to remember that more regular top ups will end up looking more like Ombre Powder Brows (especially in the case of oily skin) over time as there is less contrast between the skin and the microblading.

I have oily skin, can I get microblading done?

Yes but there are a couple of things to bare in mind if you have oily skin: The strokes will look crisp straight after treatment, however they will soften and sometimes blur after the healing process and also over time, in some cases the brows can look more like Ombre Powder Brows once healed, rather than crisp Microblading strokes, this is unavoidable due to skin type. Oily skin will also need more regular Top Up treatments which could be as often as every 8-12 months depending on how much oil is in the skin. In the case of very oily skin its recommended to have the Powder Brows instead of Microblading as it gives a better healed result that lasts longer.

Should I get my brows waxed before microblading?

IIt can be preferable to let the brows grow out before the appointment so I can see where the hair naturally grows. I will tidy them up on the day of the appointment.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Accurately measuring for Microblading.